MicroActive Lutein Esters
MicroActive Lutein Esters
75% Lutein Esters
Patent 7,297,803

Product Description

Lutein esters is an extract from Marigold flowers known for the ability to retard macular degeneration. Some studies have shown that lutein in the ester form is more bioavailable than free lutein. [1] On a price basis, esters are more cost effective.

BioActives lutein esters are produced in a ISO 9000 facility and are kosher.

1. Bowen, Phills, et. al, J Nutr, 2002;132:3668-3673.

MicroActives is a registered trademark of BioActives LLC.



  • Dairy Free
  • Imported

Nutrition Segments

  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Food


  • Vision Health: Macular Degeration


  • Generally Recognized As Safe (FDA)