BioActives Launches Microized Sustain-Release Curcumin

 2011-02-27 BioActives LLC, Worcester, MA.

BioActives LLC (Worcester, MA) and Maypro Industries (Purchase, NY) launched Sustained-Release MicroActive curcumin, described as a “micronized, multistage time-released curcumin.” The ingredient’s curcuminoids were solubilized to reduce their particle size. ” A portion of the micronized particles are then encapsulated, creating an ingredient that releases in the stomach acid and then in the higher pH of the small intestine,” states the companies. The enhanced bioavailability “is a combination of the nano size and the 12-hour sustained release that improves absorption,” says Jessie Rose, product specialist, proprietary ingredients, for Maypro. “The formulation of ingredients allows the curcumin to be slowly released in the stomach, and then released again and further absorbed in the small intestine.” Rose says the companies conducted a dissolution test which compared the complex to a standardized curcumin extract of 95%, done using a “biorelevant medium” that she says closely correlates with in vivo uptake. The micronized curcumin showed release three times higher compared to control. Based on those results, the companies further planned to conduct a human clinical study in March to support bioavailability claims.