BioActives Corporation Is Issued US Patent for Highly bioavailablecoenzyme Q-10 cyclodextrin complex
May 1, 2006 (Worcester, MA) BioActives is pleased to announce that Patent #7,030,102, Highly bioavailablecoenzyme Q-10 cyclodextrin complex has been issued by the U.S. Patent & Trade Office on April 18, 2006.

The innovation covers a water-dispersible CoQ10 cyclodextrin complex with improved bioavailability for the treatment of cardiovascular disease, periodontal disease, high blood pressure, Parkinson’s disease, skin care, and oral health care. Marketed under its trademark MicroActive® CoQ10, this complex has been shown in cell-based and preliminary human studies to be significantly more bioavailable than standard forms of CoQ10 on the market. BioActives” complex can be made with both beta and gamma cyclodextrins resulting in superior processing flexibility, leading to substantial cost advantages. The ingredient is sold as a 20% powder suitable for tablets, capsules and softgels.

“Bioavailability is a key and sometimes overlooked factor in producing cost/effective nutraceuticals” says Dr. Kagan a partner at BioActives.Cyclodextrins have been shown in both the food and pharmaceutical industries to improve dispensability and uptake.

“We are doubly pleased with this patent issuance because it not only adds to our MicroActive® line of more bioavailable products, including Lutein, but also further validates our NanoNutrient® Technology for improving the uptake of lipophilic compounds,” says Dr. Kagan.

The MicroActive® product line increases the uptake and consistency of absorption for lipophilic compounds by using active carriers such as cyclodextrins and reducing particle size through a proprietary process. Lipophilic compounds require other lipid-based compounds for absorption in the intestine and have been shown to have highly variable uptake. MicroActive™ ingredients are water dispersible and do not require fats for absorption. Additionally, BioActives® technology enhances cell ransport another factor improving bioavailability. The Company is developing additional compounds focused on the food and sports nutrition industries.