BioActives LLC Introduces Cardio HB™ Standardized Extract of Hibiscus
2009-06-11-2009 – BioActives LLCBioActives LLC, Worcester, MA, recently introduced Cardio HB ™, a standardized full-spectrum extract of hibiscus. Cardio HB™ is extracted from Hibiscus sabdariffa that is harvested from a single proprietary source and grown using no pesticides or fertilizers. The full-spectrum water-soluble extract contains anthocyanins, phenolic acids and other bioactive flavonoids and is produced with BioActives’ proprietary process. Hibiscus sabdariffa teas and purified extracts are reported to significantly lower LDL cholesterol and blood pressure in human clinical trials and animal models.

About BioActives:
BioActives produces value-added highly water-soluble and highly bioavailable lipophilic active ingredients using its patented processes. The company’s line of MicroActive® ingredients demonstrate superior bioavailability in uptake amount and consistency thereby reducing inter-subject variance. MicroActive® ingredients assure consumers maximum efficacy regardless of diet, health condition or risk factors – they are cost-effective and easily formulated.

Combining its U.S. based research facility with its G.M.P. production facility in India, the company is able to commercialize its research bringing a steady stream of value-added and MicroActive® products to the market. BioActives’ corporate headquarters and research facility are located in Worcester, MA.