BioActives Obtains Patent for Highly Efficient Method
of Producing Lutein Esters
November 7, 2007 (Worcester, MA) BioActives, LLC, was recently issued patent #7,297,803, Process for the preparation of lutein ester concentrate. The patent describes a more cost-effective method for making lutein esters, which can lead to as much as a 50% cost savings for customers. The process allows the user to take advantage of a broader range of marigold oleoresins as a raw material, further lowering costs and making backward integration less difficult.As a result of this patent, BioActives is now offering licenses to lutein ester users, distributors or processors that would like to realize significant costs savings and/or expand their product offering. The technology license would include technology transfer to any contract manufacturer, technology for producing beadlets for hard caps and tablets, technology for producing oil dispersions for soft gels and coordination of all of the above to ensure the quality of the final product.