3nB Standardized Celery Seed Extract
3nB Standardized Celery Seed Extract
85% As Total Phthalides

Product Description

The aging process and physiological imbalances result in degenerative-painful conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, Gout, and muscle stiffness. Extracts and essential oils from celery seeds are proven effective in combating the progression and symptoms of these conditions.

Recent hospital studies in both Australia and India attribute celery seed’s effectiveness to its phthalide complex (butylphthalide, sedanenolide and sedanolide). The proprietary and patented process used in producing BioActives’ celery seed fraction results in the an 85% total phthalide concentration as measured by GC. This is the highest phthalide content available in the market today‚Ķ the only product clinically proven to significantly reduce pain, increase mobility and establish a increased sense of well-being.

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