MicroActive Technology®

MicroActive Ingredients® demonstrate superior uniform absorption, supported by over ten clinical studies. Ingredients are micronized and encapsulated by design using natural starches or polymers to fit the individual characteristic of each ingredient. The micronization phase produces a period of rapid efficient-exposure, followed by the encapsulation phase that produces a lengthy extended-release. Absorption is further enhanced with carriers that assist the active ingredient to move through the intestinal wall. The final result is a free-flowing powder with the following benefits:


  • High cost-effective payload normally 25% to 50%
  • Applicable to hydrophobic, hydrophilic, and partially-hydrophilic ingredients
  • Can be formulated with other actives
  • Applicable for hard caps and soft gels
  • Water-dispersible for foods, juices, or effervescent applications
  • Clinically-proven in oral care products
  • By comparison to other technologies::
    • Improved absorption across all those consuming the formulation
    • Superior sustained-release as compared to the most popular advanced formulations on the mark
    • Does not contain absorption enhancers that might over time increase the absorption of unwanted compounds such as carcinogens

MicroActive Products Highlights
Melatonin 3%
MicroActive® Melatonin a two-stage 7-hour 100% sustained-release in free-flowing powder. Initial rapid release of 40% of the active in the first hour then the remaining slowly over the next six hours. The release curve is almost identical to a European pharmaceutical melatonin.
Astaxanthin 10%
MicroActive® Astaxanthin is a free-flowing water dispersible paste containing 10% of micronized Astaxanthin, suitable for soft gel capsules. The formulation provides sustained-release of the active approximately twice that of the control.
CoQ10 26%
Doubles CoQ10 serum levels in 3 weeks among 100% of subjects, 3 times more bioavailable than crystalline CoQ10.
Curcumin 25%
10 times more bioavailable than 95% curcumin powder. Single dose resulted in detectable amounts of Bisdemethoxycurcumin and Demethoxycurcumin. Well tolerated at high dosage.
Resveratrol 30%
Resveratrol may have cardio-protective, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, neuro-protective and anti-aging activities but it also has low bioavailability – and is rapidly eliminated. MicroActive® formulation with sustained-release increased the residence time and absorption.
Oligonol 30%
Human studies showed that Oligonol promotes circulation by relaxing blood vessels, acts as a potent antioxidant (6,900 ORAC), and supports a healthy response to inflammation. MicroActive® Oligonol demonstrated a significant sustained-release component in dissolution studies, with increased residence time and absorption in a human study.
AHCC 60%
Supports immune system functions. MicroActive® AHCC increases residence time through a site specific and time release function.
PQQ 50%
Protects against mitochondrial damage and in so doing protects brain function and retards aging. In pilot human study, MicroActive® PQQ shows an extended release and increase absorption of this water soluble ingredient.
Improved absorption is due to increased residence time.
Policosanol 14%
Policosanol has been shown in clinical studies to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. Policosanol is a waxy material, insoluble in water. Patented MicroActive® Policosanol is a water dispersible form of this hydrophobic ingredient.