Doddabele Madhavi, Ph.D.


Dr. Madhavi has more than ten years hands-on experience in the area of phytochemistry and plant biotechnology. She has extensive expertise in the isolation and identification of phytochemicals, protein chemistry, development of bioactivity assays, numerous chemical/biochemical analytical methods including HPLC method development, spectrophotometry, and MS and NMR characterization of natural products. Dr. Madhavi is the author or co-author of over fifty research articles, book chapters in food biochemistry and phytochemicals and is the editor of a reference book on food antioxidants.


Daniel Kagan, Ph.D


Dr. Kagan was a successful business owner, prior to forming BioActives LLC with Dr. Madhavi. His extensive experience focuses in two areas, building bridges to markets through strategic alliances and dynamic team-building in small organizational settings. Dr. Kagan was a consultant to over ten companies in which he held the positions of Chief Executive Officer or Executive Vice President, during which time he successfully implemented exit strategies or significantly increased profits through combinations of market positioning and team development.


Strategic Alliances


BioActives has strategic alliances with materials processing and toll processing companies. These alliances are unique in that they provide close working relationship with clear communications and understandings, so that projects can move forward rapidly unencumbered by cultural differences.