RealOrganic Curcumin

RealOrganic Curcumin

95% pure ethanol extracted

Product Description

Research is showing that curcumin may:

  • Inhibit inflammatorty factors like NF-kappaB protein molecule
  • Promote health immune system functions
  • Provide resistance to some forms of cancer

RealOrganic Curcumin contains none of the carcinogens that might inhibit curcumins efficary.
The product begin with organic certified turmeric which is then extract into curcumin using much safer ethanol as opposed to methanol. The final product has uncommonly low solvent residues eliminating any danger of the body accumulating unwanted chemicals. [1] Finally the process takes place in a organic certified production facility all certified by a German company that is approved by the USDA.

[1] Rick Liva, Rph, ND, Toxic Solvents Found in Curcumin Extract, Integrative Medicine, October 2010, Vol 9, NO 5, pp 50-55.