MicroActive Lutein Esters®
MicroActive Lutein Esters®

Improved Uniform Absorption
72 Hour Sustained Release

Product Description

Lutein esters are a powerful antioxidant and a key ingredient for eye health, in partcular reducing the onset of macular degeneration. As well, the esters of lutein are more cost effective than free lutein.

MicroActive Lutein Esters is a self-emulsifying system that microizes and encapsulates the esters thereby improving absorption and creating a sustained release.

Studies of bioavailability indicate that MicroActive Lutein Esters are:

1.25 time better absorption than lutein ester in oil
1.81 time better absorption than free lutein in oils
3.38 times more MicroActive lutein esters in blood serum than free lutein in oil
1.42 times more MicroActive lutein esters in blood serum than lutein esters in oil
Sustained release over 72 hours

All subjects also showed similar increases with MicroActive Lutein Esters as compared to the esters or free lutein in oil. The results indicated uniform absorption profile.

Additionally, MicroActice PQQ is produced with the same technology that is responsible for improved uniform absorption in other either water-soluble or fat-soluble actives.

Mechanism of Action

MicroActive Technology

MicroActive Lutein Esters increases absorption by reducing particle size less than 10 microns thereby promoting more efficient transport through the digestive track and cell walls. In addition, the proprietary mix of polymers in MicroActive Lutein Esters slows the release rate of the esters allowing for absorption over a longer time period. Evidence supports the claim that this combination of greater absorption and sustained release creates a more uniform absorption from subject-to-subject, improving the probability that all consumers will benefit from the active.


Lutein esters, an extract from marigold flowers, is considered by the FDA to be GRAS.

MicroActives is a registered trademark of BioActives LLC.



  • Dairy Free
  • US Made

Nutrition Segments

  • Cosmetics
  • Platform Technology
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • For Soft Gel Application
  • Sports Nutrition


  • Vision support
  • Macular Degeneration