MicroActive Resveratrol®
MicroActive Resveratrol®
Improved Bioavailability
12-Hour Sustained Release

Product Description

Resveratrol is an antioxidant polyphenol with great promise for supporting healthy metabolism, normal insulin sensitivity and optimal blood flow — all of which may have cardiovascular, cognitive and anti-aging benefits.*

However, resveratrol, while reasonably well absorbed, has a very short half-life. Its rapid but low absorption has been verified through blood serum analysis following administration. MicroActive Resveratrol was developed to address this problem by micronizing and encapsulating the active producing a sustained releases and an improvement in absorption.,

A pilot human study comparing MicroActive Resveratrol to other resveratrol formulations showed it:
Has superior bioavailability: 2.5x greater than regular resveratrol[1] Achieves higher serum levels of resveratrol over a longer period of time[2] Delivers sustained release over 12 hours

Additionally, MicroActive® Resveratrol  is produced with the same technology that is responsible for improved uniform absorption in other either water-soluble or fat-soluble actives.

MicroActive® Resveratrol is a 30% active free flowing powder. In preliminary clinical trials it demonstrated a 2.5 times great bioavailability then regular resveratrol; achieving higher serum levels over 12-hour sustained release. This product is produced with the same technology resulting in improved uniform absorption for other water-soluble or fat-soluble actives.

Mechanism of Action

MicroActive® Technology. MicroActive Resveratrol increases absorption by reducing particle size less than 10 microns thereby promoting more efficient transport through the digestive track and cell walls. In addition, the proprietary mix of polymers in MicroActive Resveratrol slows the release rate of the curcuminoids allowing for absorption over a longer time period. Evidence supports the claim that this combination of greater absorption and sustained release creates a more uniform absorption from subject-to-subject, improving the probability that all consumers will benefit from the active.


Resveratrol is found in many plant foods such as grapes, red wine and peanuts. Several human clinical studies have confirmed its safety.[3],[4],[5],[6] Large doses can cause stomach upset, but MicroActive technology eliminates the need for excessive consumption by helping deliver smaller, more bioavailable doses to the body.

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