Effective Uniform Absorption
  • An ingredient must be absorbed to be effective.
  • Comparing one person to another, there may be large differences in absorption.
  • Minimizing individual differences improves the likelihood that an ingredient will be effective for each individual. 

From person to person, there are often large differences in their ability to absorb active ingredients. Each person’s digestive system differs. MicroActive® is designed to overcome these differences by designing release system for the active ingredient so as to maximize absorption. The Technology may do one or more of the following:

  • Delay absorption so that the active does not pass through the system before it can be absorbed.
  • Increase exposure time of easily absorbed ingredients so that they are not metabolized too quickly.
  • Create multiple release system so that the active can be absorbed at multiple sites, such as the stomach and small intestines separately.
  • Incorporate natural carriers that transport active that require dietary fats to be absorbed, through the acquious environment, helping it to be absorbed thought the cell wall. 

The first step then to creating uniform absorption is to guarantee absorption. The large difference between people who really absorb (super absorbers) and those with difficulty is decreased just by ensuring everyone will absorb the active ingredient. Another strategy protects the active through environments that can degrade it, ensuring the maximum dose is presented for absorption.


Currently the supplement industry is not attuned to these issues. Clinical studies have shown that even with advanced formulations lutein, CoQ10, and curcumin show large individual differences with no absorption guarantees. The end result is that consumers and physicians are unsure if an active used to for a specific purpose, will in fact achieve the goal for the individual. Uniform/assured absorption resolves that problem.